In an effort to ensure timely and safe care for our patients, we’re pleased to announce the offering of Telemedicine at Bergen Ear, Nose & Throat Associates.



Thanks to Bergen Audiology and to our Audiologist, Dr. Jamie Weiner, your hearing needs can now be met in office. Throughout our lives, we rely upon our ears as an essential tool in communication, and utilize the sense of hearing to enjoy basic aspects of life, such as music, and the sound of birds chirping, or the breeze blowing on a cold autumn morning. When problems arise with our ears, it can feel like our world is turning upside down. Many times, ear problems can cause the greatest pain. So here at Bergen Audiology , we cover all your hearing needs, including:

Full diagnostic hearing evaluations
Hearing aid consultations
Tinnitus solutions
Custom earmolds for swimming and sleep
Hearing protection for music and noise


Is a hearing screening right for you? If you answer yes to two or more of the questions below, it is time for you to contact Bergen Audiology for a hearing screening.

  • Is it difficult to hear your telephone conversation?
  • When you are using your phone, do you hear better through one ear than the other?
  • If two or more people are talking at the same time, do you have trouble following the conversation?
  • Has anyone complained that you watch TV with the volume up too high?
  • Do you find yourself straining to understand normal conversation?
  • When you are in a restaurant, do you often have trouble hearing?
  • Do you have ringing in your ears?
  • Do you ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Has your family, friends, or coworkers mentioned that you might have hearing loss?
  • Do people get annoyed because you cannot understand them?
  • Would you say that most people you talk with mumble?
  • Do you often misunderstand people and respond inappropriately?
  • Is it more difficult to understand women and children (higher pitched voices) then men?

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